Charlotte Area Real Estate Values and Missing Zambonis

For real estate watchers in the Charlotte Area who are concerned that ongoing price increases might result in an over-inflated market situation, the HPI forecast offered reassuring news. The HPI report showed national single-family residential sales and home prices rising in October. This made it the fourth month in a row for 6%+ price rises—the longest such winning streak since June of 2014. Read more

Is there a trick to selling your house quickly?

Most homeowners draw satisfaction from the pride of ownership. They are often are more individualistic—and somewhat more independent-minded—than most people. And their homes represent this mindset. But this can run counter to one of the guiding principles for success in real estate showings and open houses—namely, the art of disappearing... Read more

How “not” to negotiate your home sale

One of the services we offer is counsel and guidance in reviewing and developing appropriate responses to offers on your Charlotte Area home. Even so, the homeowner is the ultimate decision maker. That's why we believe it's crucial for home sellers to become familiar with some practical pointers for home selling negotiations. Read more