A Message (and a Gift List) for you this Holiday Season

Years ago, President Calvin Coolidge opened his holiday season message to the American people with, “Christmas is not a time or a season but a state of mind.” “Silent Cal” nailed it in just those few words; he was famous for that! Today, we call it a mindset—and that’s probably why this time of year it’s permissible to share such high-minded thoughts. Author Oren Arnold might have said it best when he offered this list of Christmas gift suggestions to counter to the season’s increasingly materialistic leanings... Read more

Is there a trick to selling your house quickly?

Most homeowners draw satisfaction from the pride of ownership. They are often are more individualistic—and somewhat more independent-minded—than most people. And their homes represent this mindset. But this can run counter to one of the guiding principles for success in real estate showings and open houses—namely, the art of disappearing... Read more